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01 Nov
Mt Buller Summer Season Opening
posted by Trail Office

The team at Mt Buller will open Gang Gangs, Picnic Trail, Silk Lane, Misty Twist, River Spur, Delatite River Trail, Corn Hill, Copperhead, Snowgums and Splitrock  this weekend. Stonefly and the Village Family Trail will remain closed for now as they still have some snow cover, but with the weather warming up, it won't be long before we're all back on the hill enjoying everything there is to offer.

16 Aug

Work started today at Smithfield, North Queensland in preparation for the 2014 World Cup. Over the next few weeks, our dedicated trail crew will be constructing a difficult and technical climb, which will challenge the worlds best riders in April next year.


24 Mar
Falls Creek Clip
posted by Trail Office

 Construction has started, and many metres of trail are being rolled out by the alpine trail crew, high in the mountains of Falls Creek. Our in-house trail builder and videographer, Tom Evans has dropped the first short clip of the build. 

06 Mar
2013 IMBA Australasian Summit
posted by Trail Office

 Great news for Mountain Biking in Australia, with the announcement of the 2013 IMBA Australasian Summit to be held in Cairns, Queensland, October 2013. The Summit will feature speakers from Colorado and Singapore who will be presenting beside World Trail's Glen Jacobs.


17 Feb
Ridgy Didge
posted by Trail Office

Our own Tom Emery-Evans put together a great little clip on the Ridgy Didge trail in Atherton North Queensland. The trail boasted a full World Trail crew from design, construct and filming of this unique "state of the art" track.

Big thanks to Morgan Bain for allowing his new single to be dropped as the soundtrack. 

Smithfield Downhill
Sep 13 2013

World Trail's downhill trail crew, led by Rhys Atkinson, has started construction on the 2014 World Cup Downhill track, high above Smithfield, Cairns. The trail will drop steeply off the Macalister Range and feature super technical rock gardens, stacked berms and large, steep, fast, off camber boulders and jagged rock ledges. Not for the faint hearted, the Cairns World Cup Downhill course is going to ensure that the event will be a higlight on the MTB calendar for 2014. If you haven't already, book your ticket! 


Atherton Flow-Down
Jun 05 2013

  The World Trail team has landed back onto the volcanic tableands, to a town called Atherton. Late last year the trail crew constructed a 7klm loop, named "Ridgy Didge", and the responce was so positive, a contract for the next stage was rolled onto our team to deliver another iconic style trail for the region. Construction started last week on an All Mountain trail with Downhill B-Lines, with delivery expected by late June.

Falls Creek Construction
Mar 17 2013

 The long awaited trail systems planned for Falls Creek, in Victoria are now rolling along at full steam. The trail crew on the highland resort are busy designing, constructing and shaping a bunch of trails with spectacular scenery and lookouts close to the village centre.

This stage which is expected to be complete by late April, early May, will showcase new trail layouts, featuring large boulder slabs, iconic snowgum forests and lush green grass fields throughout the high country destination.

New Stonefly entry
Mar 03 2013

 Ever since the opening of Stonefly, the trail entry from Howqua Gap caused a few people to struggle up the initial climb. The series of tight and steep switchbacks were in place because the original design, crossed through a densely vegitated creek, which was deemed to sensitive for a trail.

In 2010, some massive flash floods and large thunderstorms hit Mt Buller, resulting in the entire creek being ripped open and left bare. After some years a revisit onsite site found that the original design could be instated.

Last week the trail crew cut a gentle 200 metre link, bypassing the old tight switchbacks, opening up a crossing which feature 263 large microwave sized boulders dug into 43 metres of trail.

Rocky Corner
Feb 13 2013

 As the trails evolve and grow on Mt Buller, every now and then, our trail crew revisit various older sections of trail which need extra attention.

This year our team attacked a couple of areas within the trail network which needed this extra love.

On the trail leading to Corn Hill, just past the Delatite is a nasty rock corner, which always challenged riders. Unfortunately the corner had a 1 in 5 rating of success within only 20% of all who approched it. The decision was to widen the corner, yet keep the technical part of the challenge. Widening the trail took days and days of transporting large rocks to fill the corner, then harvest huge flat rock plates. 

The result is a corner with more of a success rate, yet still technical enough to appease the core riders.