The latest evolution in pump tracks arrived in 2016, with the creation of the first asphalt pump track in Australia in the small north Queensland town of Edmonton.


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World Trail
World TrailWednesday, November 30th, 2016 at 1:05pm

The city of Gladstone in association with World Trail are embarking on a project to revolutionize what has previously been seen in Asphalt Pumptrack facilities in Australia. Opening on Sunday the 18th of December 2016

Dennis R Taylor Liz Lucas in your hood!! We will be visiting as soon as it's done is my thoughts!! Wooohoooo!!
Sid Rock Cairns esplanade needs this... just sayin
Justin N James Second longest by the time I'm finished
Matt Burnett For those visiting Gladstone to try out our new Pump Track here is a link with more information on where to stay and what to do while you are in town. Maybe consider December 20 as the P&O Pacific Eden will be docked at our wharf and the Feast of East markets will be operating at East Shores! www.gladstoneregion.info
Reece Hannant We are on the map also have some mtb trails to check out along with rockhampton
Simon Sirotti John not your cup of tea but a cool facility nonetheless
Ashley Knight Brodie, would not get rid of the Astrix just yet.
Sam Stockwell Gerard Byrne Jake Keleher the first reason I've seen to go to Gladstone
Wilko Strongly Keep up the awesome work! i look forward to hitting it on my drive south from Cairns
Tony Boone Hot loads galore
Sharon Jeffries Looks like will be amazing!
Craig Penglase Travis Pope checked this out yet?
Kirra Kyte Can't wait for this to open :)
Justyn Bates When is Bundaberg getting one ?
Justin N James
Andrew Sun Now we just need commuter pump tracks. Please!
Jez Leaper Awesome. Gez, are you up in Gladstone building?
John Morton Frank this needs to glow ! All hours usage
Darren Beecroft Yep that is the track that DIRTZ (Brett Barnez) designed .
Andrew Carney Joel Scherer, you know about this?
Zak Karran Brody Grewe
Rob Barker Heath Hayley Bastian 👌
Demetrias Rejtano Dreece Hertrick you going to this
Alex Stein Damien Stein
Tara White Malcom Jelley
World Trail
World TrailThursday, November 17th, 2016 at 9:36pm

The new Sawtooth lookout opened this week in Blue Derby, while the rains came down and brought out the best in the waterfalls.

Phil Stokes Holy Moly Chris, do we get this cooling waterfall next March??
Mark Baldacchino StewartTapp AshleyTapp you lucky pricks got too ride these trails 😂😂
Geoff Lyons Wonderful to see the development of an initial commitment by the Labor Federal Government.
Marcus Foley jeez, what overbuilt nonsense. I hope the EWS doesn't see this next year, oh, how they will laugh.
Nick Chapman Jack Bell how good does this look!
Paul Scicluna Jake i think its time to go back
Harold Hotham Emma! New trails at Derby
Anna Johnston Wow!
Andrew Brooks Bill Van Wyk Duane Wans Daniel Skerry. Look, more rain!
Ashlee Philpott Cally Galea 😍
Carrie Palmer Lachlan Oliver, Nathaniel Grandfield
Nick Boland David Potts Lachlan Smith Rob Lynn Yasmin Santoso Roadie?
Kate Laing Omg Lisa Brinkman
Janice Guerra Kaine Cannan
Emma Dowler Scott Jenkins
Bret Dean Scott Tysoe
Maddison McDougall Russell McDougall
Kodie Joseph Nathan Parkin Daniel Murfet Connor Williams we have to get there!!!
Justin Hirning Andrew Ellis
Greg Scott Stephen Jennings. Wish this was open when we were there
Simon Wallis Shaun Robson Kyle Robson
Myles Overton Ben Parsissons
Jake Avery Ben Seymour
Paul Dowling Troy Reader Mark Woods
Warwick Ashlin Nick Higgins
World Trail
World TrailThursday, October 27th, 2016 at 3:44pm

Looking for a 3 Day adventure through the lush Blue Derby trails, fully supported with some of Tasmania's finest food and wines? Learn more about the Blue Derby Pods Ride below!

Blue Derby Pods Ride Thanks for sharing World Trail! We are lucky to have such amazing trails to ride on as part of the Blue Derby Mountain Bike Trails network! :-)
Andy Fist Can't wait for this
Bike Tours Melbourne (y) looks awesome! G'day from Bike Tours Melbourne
Brett Shepherd Sonia Shepherd I could do this
Nay Gardoll Tara now this would be amazing


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