The latest evolution in pump tracks arrived in 2016, with the creation of the first asphalt pump track in Australia in the small north Queensland town of Edmonton.


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World Trail
World TrailWednesday, October 19th, 2016 at 3:59pm

Do you love being in the outdoors?
Riding your bike in stunning locations with like minded people?
Are you fit, hard working and take pride in your work?

The team at World Trail are looking for exceptional people to help...

David Marks Sam Tully, a job where no lazy co-workers would be injured in the making...
Paddy McPat-Pat Dan, Oliver. Trail building in tassie maybe?
Ness Hinneberg Nick doooooo iiiiiitttttt
Peter Landsberg David Moss
Charles Carter Jonny Carter, here a job for you buddy!
Clint Barker Neal u are due
Shelley van Eldik I know my son would love to have the opportunity but he is still in school (Yr 11)! How about some extra help during holidays?
Ty Barber Jacobs still running this show ?
Michael Booth If I was not married with a family hell yes 😁
Brett Chuck Got your name written all over it Smiley.
Michael Booth Dave Booth here you go brother. Ditch the cars 😜
Kevin Eddy Nathan pack your bucket and spade mate
Shane Clayton Pick me would love to work with you guy's!!
Ben Woodford Emma Blacklock Sullivan would love this.
Rachael Hamblin Scott Mazzanti?? You would Love this
Warren Butcher Cool, their gonna need a bigger digger! 😃
Michael Roland Steve Lucas , I'd be keen.
Reece Hannant Joel Poole get on it go work with Leon Petrie :)
James Louw Peter Risdon - falls creek!
Brett Russell Richard Tolerton be a good job hahah
James Carroll Geoff Henderson Have another try J1.
Harry Smith Max Moore Dream
Matt George Brad George tempted
Sarah N Jason Alistair Morgan get on it
Timmy Holberton Andy Waldron
World Trail
World TrailMonday, October 10th, 2016 at 4:09pm

The Blue Tier, is the jewel in the crown of the entire Blue Derby destination. Situated high in the mountain ranges above the coastal village of St Helens, this 20klm trail takes riders through some of the most spectacular scenery Tasmania has to offer to...

Kirsten Ransom Just the best just spent 4 days riding Blue Tier. going to be hard to ride local trails now.
Andrew Reid May have to go back Adrian Maudsley Matty Macalpine
Peter Oost Joel Megan Yvonne Kate. Here it is our Fri morning shuttle its open. First vid footage. Fingers crossed for awesome weather. Should make a great birthday pressie
Mick Sheehan Yep amazing what Tasmania has done in 2 years compared with the pathetic effort on the surf coast in the last 20 years we have managed nothing with the. Potential to be world class I think they the powers at be have spent about 120 k on a stalling campaign Well done Tasmania you will see me soon
Gary Denham I can't wait to ride this at the end of October.
Adam Bramwell So Jessica it looks smooth enough for a 4yo's baby bum to slide on
Pamela Hedley Hope the riders respect this spectacular place and do not destroy it.
Simon Coutanche Bryan Suckling I'll need some training but this would be fun
John Grogan Looks tame compared to last time I rode it Dec 14. Pretty damn rough then!
Scott Cunnington Matt. Dean. My ride in march😁😁
Pete Cornelius Rode it on Saturday..... amazing trails in amazing country
Robert Lee It should be Weldborough
Peter Beves On the to do list Renee Beves
Matthew Andrews Highly recommended, do whatever it takes to get there.
Darren Turner Who built it?
Artie Sellings are you allowed to run on it ? :)
Duncan O'Reilly Looks amazing!
Kathy Petrie Looks great! Has it a difficulty rating?
Chris Snell Can't wait!
Jason Teremoana Could be on the itinerary bags.
Silvina Mabel Burgueno Stunning😍
Michael Booth Dave Booth god this place looks amazing.
Tony Brown Judy Tynan
Sara Jo Walker Darren Nunn have you done this one yet?
Stuart Brown Jay Steven this looks amazing
World Trail
World Trail added 6 new photos.Friday, September 9th, 2016 at 2:10am

Over the past week, World Trail has been hard at work, meeting with new clients, discussing unique new trail products at Eurobike and designing an all new potential World Cup downhill course in Solden, Austria.

The location for the Downhill is...

Tyson Clarke Jaysus


World Trail is experienced in all stages and aspects of trail design, construction and maintenance

World Trail provides trail designs for all types of recreational trails, from the earliest conceptual stage to the final design stage.

World Trail hosts a talented team of professionals capable of consulting with clients on a wide range of trail related issues.

World Trail has the machinery, technology, skills and personnel to deliver all kinds of recreational trails, on time and on budget, every time.



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  • Every World Cup, World Championship and Olympic course in Australia has been proudly designed & constructed by the World Trail team.
  • Over 300 km’s of purpose built recreational trails in Australia
  • Director Glen Jacobs is the first and only Australian to be inducted into the MTB Hall of Fame.
  • World Trail has decades of experience within the core culture of mountain biking and is one of the largest and most experienced MTB trail companies in the world. 
  • World Trail has designed, planned and constructed hundreds of projects in 20 countries.

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