The latest evolution in pump tracks arrived in 2016, with the creation of the first asphalt pump track in Australia in the small north Queensland town of Edmonton.


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World Trail
World TrailFriday, December 23rd, 2016 at 9:15pm

The largest Pump Track in Australia is now open in Gladstone, check out full video here; http://www.world-trail.com/memorial-park-gladstone-australias-biggest-asphalt-pumptrack/ #pumptrack #worldtrail

Pete Walsh every town in oz needs one of them!
Leaky Chibers Kids hate pump tracks they love art gallery's. -Albury council 2016.
Scott Whytefield What do you do with tons of equipment and lots of man power during a mining downturn in Gladstone? Lol. Build pumptracks!
Vaughan Butler Noddy Jones you'll have to get the little man up there.
James Crowley Nathan Cameron so when we heading up to Gladstone next
Curtis Billy Johnstone Can Wellington Mountain Bike Club make one of these happen in karori......?
Scott Avalos Have fun boys, keep the dream alive! #CrustyDemons2017
Shannon Murphy Glen Jacobs when are we having the honor of more of this work down our way 😉
Adam Cathro Awesome Glen, my brothers lives down their so will check it out for sure 👍
Ben Irvin Lots of crashes will be had because the track has no direction and cuts over itself over and over ..
Michael Biddle Luke Mansfield. Keep hitting that gym. Time to get back on the bike
Blair David Hume Wish we had that sort of budget here in Mount Beauty.
Wade Filmer Sunshine coast please.
Thomas McCarthy Jacob Restall looks like we are going to gladstone
Brock Rode Perfect guys keep up the good work
Geoff Hunter Chris I'm sure your've seen this already...
Simon Bourke Come to Melbourne and do this please
Shane Ball Graeme you didn't tell me about this!
Chris Collins Nicholas Coffey faark. Bit of work went into this
Jordan Heath Ben Carter this would be dope
Zac Townsley ChristianBorg check these trails out
Dylan Burnett Ian Hard yewww next trip
James Marshall Dillon Kearns should post this on that port page
Marcus Elderfield Alex Stein I'll book my ticket soon hahah
Clint Morgan Jonathon Hawkins how cool does this look :)
World Trail
World Trail shared their post.Friday, December 23rd, 2016 at 6:33pm

Check out the Video of the pump track build below!

World Trail
World TrailFriday, December 23rd, 2016 at 1:08pm

World Trail are beyond proud to present our final completed project for the year, Gladstone Regional Council's Memorial Park Development.
Click the link below and enjoy the VIDEO!

Richard Gregory Here's a thought - Pump several thousand cubic meters of mud from the Tamar River onto the West Tamar settling flats north of Tamar Marine and build an awesome track like this in Launceston for all to enjoy!
Reece Hannant Good work it's a fun track and everyone that walks away has a big smile on there face young or old
Steven Toole Roars might like a crack at this bad boy Stuart Mckay
Jennifer Lee Brett Laing here you go mate. The kids are going to love it when you call into Gladstone.
Amy Matthews Another place to stop at on our travels to Cairns next year John😁
Matt Burnett An awesome job, our community loves it, thank you.
Steven Soda Fantastic. .. What do you think Tom Gilmore, would look great next the fire depot in town...?
Brett Martin Dee Man.. the train ain't leavin that station for a while
David Wood I don't know where Gladstone is but I will come there just for that!
Joshua Gordon-Hunt Is this Gladstone South Australia? Sorry video isn't playing..cheers
Chris Halshaw How does something like this come about? what would be the initial steps for getting something like this in Melbourne?
Modular Pumptrack Australia Awesome track! Great to see all ages all wheels having fun together! Nice.
Kurt Brodie Hermann Vorster somthing to look at for the youth around varsity lakes?
Daniel Davies Penny Wilson the youth would love a replica of this😀😀
Sunirmalya Symons i know an awesome location - Baffle Creek
Nathan Dennys Anna Harris better get the squids on down there!
Ivor Colemanesky Sick, you guys and girl(s) deserve a beer or 5.
Basil Gijsbers Awesome!
Steve Sloan Steve Matt how feakingggg cool..!!
Sharon Jeffries Woohoo 😊 great video
Adrian Main Well done crew 👊
Kel Graham Lisa Morisset guess where we are going
Darren Turner Should have used DirtGlue!
Ian Hopkins 👍😎
Tim Reid Callie Rand railton need this


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