The latest evolution in pump tracks arrived in 2016, with the creation of the first asphalt pump track in Australia in the small north Queensland town of Edmonton.


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World Trail shared Cycle Tumbarumba's post.Wednesday, December 5th, 2018 at 5:25pm
The final asphalt project for 2018 is coming to an end as the icing on the pump track cake is installed. Congratulations to Cycle Tumbarumba and Snowy Valley Council on your new pump track installation!
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Cycle Tumbarumba
It was great to see the Turf going down on the Tumbarumba Pump Track today.Big thanks to the Cycle Tumbarumba volunteers who assisted Council workers to get the 1000sqm laid.It was a real community effort with Council, Club and 10 students from the High School selecting to help during their sport afternoon which provided a very welcome boost of energy at the end of a long day.We're looking forward to the opening on Monday 10 December.See if you can pick the General Manager in the video.
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World TrailThursday, October 11th, 2018 at 5:30pm
While great mountain bike trails are the core of any successful MTB destination, there are many other elements that need to be present for a destination to be truly iconic - bike hire, servicing and sales, shuttles, tourism and hospitality services, scenery, other non-MTB attractions, transport and much more. As we get closer to unveiling around 30km of new trails at Blue Derby this summer, we thought it would be a good time to reflect on the development of Derby, Australia’s first true ’mountain bike trail town’. ABC’s Landline story from earlier in 2018 shows how the development of Derby as a town and a tourist destination has progressed hand in hand with the trails.
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How mountain biking helped save a tiny Tasmanian town
Five years ago the old tin-mining town of Derby was a ghost town. But a move to construct some mountain bike trails helped trigger an economic revival. The t...
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World Trail is excited to announce that Break The Boundary are the recipients of the ‘2017 EWS Trail Of The Year’ prize money donation. We had so many amazing people get in touch from all over the country but we believe what Andrew Liddawi and the Break The Boundary Charity are doing is truly amazing. They’re leading the way for Adaptive Mountain Biking in Australia and we can’t wait to see more people of all abilities out enjoying trails. Check out the link in Enduro World Series profile for the full story.



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